Hundreds of school children enjoyed a musical journey that reinforced what they’ve been learning in history class, as the South Florida Symphony Orchestra performed a multimedia production for them. “Tales of Legendary Florida: 500 Years of History Through Music and Art” was brought to town by the Florida Keys Council of the Arts, and Donna [...]

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Funding opportunities are available now for Florida schools and libraries through The Florida State Touring Program! A featured artist since 1992 and among the highest ranked musicians on the roster in multiple years, Donna is eligible for 2/3 funding for presenters in Florida’s communities. Celebrating 500 years of Florida history in 2013, Donna is now featuring special [...]

Beowulf: A Tale of Courage and Honor is the journey of the great warrior and hero, Beowulf.  From minstrels to monsters, this photo gallery will show you some of the excitement in ARTZ OUT LOUD’s version of Beowulf. ARTZ OUT LOUD has educated and entertained thousands of students across the country! To grab a tale [...]

“An auditorium full of second and third graders at Logan Elementary School in Altoona sat chattering, as second and third graders do. But as soon as Donna Wissinger, an accomplished concert flutist and Altoona native, played the first few notes on her golden flute, the children quieted quickly and whipped back their heads to see [...]

Words cannot express my eternal gratitude and complete awe regarding your performance at our Venetian Arts Society ‘Arts Salon’ debut.  I had such high expectations for our first ‘arts salon.’  I wanted to create an intimate, interactive, almost ‘sacred’ atmosphere and to set a precedent for high standards of artistry – to say that you [...]

Ms. Wissinger’s performances are both unique and captivating. She blends storytelling and music in a most beautiful way. She engages her audience right from the beginning with her friendly and warm presence. My favorite part of her performance was the inclusion of the children on stage. She is the only performer I have ever seen [...]

Donna Wissinger presents stories and music in The Pied Piper & Other Fantastic Tales at The 2012 North Charleston Arts Festival May 4-12! Come experience the Magic and Preview The Pied Piper for your Children in a FREE concert on Saturday, May 5, 2012, 1:30-2:30 p.m. at the Charleston Area Convention Center Exhibit Hall Lobby [...]

Sit back.  Sip some sweet tea, luxuriate in the Florida sun, and allow the fragrance of orange blossoms to intoxicate your soul.  This is Florida.  To celebrate 500 years of Florida history, Southern Stories takes you back to ‘old Florida’, a time which Harriet Beecher Stowe captured perfectly in printed word, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings broadcast [...]

The State Touring Roster panelists have made their selections for the 2012-2014 season and renowned flutist, Donna Wissinger, is once again on the roster as a premier Florida State Touring Program artist! That means Donna is eligible for 2/3 funding assistance for presenters in Florida, especially in underpopulated counties where priority is given by the [...]