Pied Piper Tales

The Pied Piper and other Fantastic Tales, Music for Learning and Literacy, Grades PreK-2

piedpiper cartoon coverMagic happens in the hearts and minds of teachers and students when learning is joyful, attention rapt and everyone is eager for more. In The Pied Piper and other Fantastic Tales, flutist and storyteller Donna Wissinger draws children into a musical world of active listening and imaginative thinking. Weaving a piper’s spell with her golden flute she mesmerizes students with her stories of galloping horses, legendary heroes of bow and arrow, and myths from far away lands and secret wardrobes, all while teaching science, mathematics, social studies and language arts.

16 State Standards plus the intangible of awe! Lessons learned: Music, language and dramatic arts, science, mathematics and social studies

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“The performance was fantastic. The children were mesmerized! Ms. Wissinger was not only able to hold the children’s attention with her flute playing, her enthusiasm for learning was awesome.” ~Monticello Opera House, FL

“Donna was an absolute wonder! Her talent as a musician and her ability to quickly draw the children in with her stories and experiences made this a very educational event!” ~Artists in the Schools, Tampa, FL

“The performance epitomized the ideals of education that we strive to attain at our school; informative, relevant, and fun!” ~Inverness Middle School, FL

“In a nutshell, awesome. Donna weaves a tapestry of stories, both personal and historical, that simply mesmerizes the students.” ~Tildenville Elementary School

“Ms. Wissinger’s presentation was extraordinary. Her ability to integrate classroom curriculum and music was amazing.” ~Mattie Kelley Arts Foundation Children’s Art and Education Program

“The children and adults alike were mesmerized by her presentation. She is not only a musician of the highest caliber, but every move, indeed her very presence, was captivating.” ~Lakemont Elementary, Orlando, FL

“…a sophisticated sampling of musical styles in a high-energy and easy to follow presentation. Donna’s colorful use of stories, audience participation, and virtuoso technique provided a perfect blend for this educational program.” ~Mahaffey Theater, Tampa, FL

“The students felt as if her performance was just for each one of them individually. They were mesmerized by her stories and commentary. The faculty members were amazed at the way Ms. Wissinger included something of substance from every subject area in her performances!” ~Destin Middle SchoolPied Piper with Donna in audience resized for web

“One of the best performances we have ever had. It will be the best you have ever had as well!” ~Mort Elementary

“The program was excellent! The discussion of imagination fit into our writing of essays perfectly!” ~Lewis Elementary, Orlando, FL

“Miss Wissinger’s musicianship, energy, people skills, and her educational offerings kept students, teachers, and administrators captivated for each session. She is truly gifted in many areas.” ~Chipola Junior College Fine and Performing Arts Department, Community Outreach Pied Piper Donna on stage with group of kids resized for web

“Miss Wissinger’s energy and enthusiasm seemed boundless as she challenged our students to always strive for their best and to never settle for anything less. Her own colorful career experiences added a great deal to her presentation. She is quite a story herself! I would highly recommend her to any school that needs a shot in the arm for challenging their students to reach for the stars. And for enlightening them about some very interesting historical figures and how they overcame difficulties in their own lives, going on to achieve greatness in the world.” ~Tildenville Elementary, Orlando, FL

“Many parents questioned me this morning about yesterday’s concert because the children came home full of enthusiasm. There was evidently much discussion at home about myths, legends and the power of the imagination. The presentation was a wonderful reinforcement of the work our classroom teachers have done with the children on myths and legends. I was very happy that the presentation contained so many elements of the state standards. Excellent presentation! Thank you for enriching the lives of our children.” ~Princeton Elementary

“Ms. Wissinger is the consummate professional. Working with “at risk” students demands creativity, compassion, energy, and heart. Ms. Wissinger gave a full measure of each. Her music and creativity took these students to a higher level than many had ever dreamed of reaching. Through the magic of Donna’s music, the culminating event (Donna’s version of Beowulf in the form of a play) featured students in roles they could not have imagined prior to Ms. Wissinger’s efforts. Students who were struggling readers were now known as ‘narrators.” Those who had never been in the light of a stage were now known as the ‘main characters.’ The results of her work with each of these children will be far reaching. Mirroring the message of the student’s final play of Beowulf, Ms. Wissinger taught each of us that with heart, creativity and humility you can be a hero. Ms. Wissinger is a hero to those of us at BCA (Brevard Cultural Alliance) and Dr. W. J. Creel Elementary.” ~Educational Programs Coordinator Brevard Cultural Alliance

“Donna is the best you will find. Her programs are fun and full of substance!” ~Director of Education, Appleton Museum of Art

“Bring Donna back! We would love to have her every year! She grabs the students and keeps them in the palm of her hand!” ~Artists in the Schools, Tampa FL

“Donna held the attention of three grade levels for an extended period of time in The Pied Piper and other Fantastic Tales–the students were ‘eating out of her hand’ and completely fascinated.  She made them think and integrated writing, science, social studies and music.  A great show!  Acting the story with props was so good for the students’ imaginations.  Please do this again! Our students rarely receive anything this enriching.” ~Ridgeview Elementary

“All of us at Sacred Heart are so glad you came and shared with us. The kids are still talking about it!” ~Sacred Heart