Donate Funds

The ARTZ OUT LOUD Opportunities Fund provides assistance to schools and communities who would like to provide their students with the ARTZ OUT LOUD educational experience. $16,000 in the past 4 years from individuals, foundations and corporations have enabled thousands of students to participate in programs. The fund is housed in a 501 C through Associated Solo Artists. Contributors receive documentation for tax deduction verification.

How it works:
1. Schools or communities learn about us from educational networks or marketing and express the desire to work with us
2. We confer with them to fine tune the program focus and format (classroom or stage)
3. We work with them to garner their own support and funds
4. We determine the best fee we can offer and how much Opportunities Fund help we can provide
5. We fulfill their desires and more in our program!
6. We send you student and teacher letters to let you know how your generosity provided joyful learning!

How to contribute to the fund
1. Contact us to contribute to the fund (you may specify a school or community with whom we are already working or suggest one in which you would like us to work)
2. Write a check to ASA with a note to earmark Opportunities Fund
3. Mail to ASA c/o John Ciminio 88 Hardscrabble Rd. Chester, NY 10918