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Tales of Legendary Florida

Celebrating 500 years of Florida History
Legendary Florida - 500 years of history

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Tales of Legendary FloridaTeaches 500 years of Florida History, learning about perspective and the environment, and experiencing high adventure through sight and sound. Includes: the stories of conquistador Ponce de Leon who sailed with Columbus; the great environmentalist William Bartram; and the entrepreneur Henry Flagler.

Music includes: Glorious Discovery-Viva “La Florida”; Ode to William Bartram, The Wandering Song of Puc-Puggee; and The Triumphant Arrival!  All music by Robert Kerr

Multi-media Images: Breath taking video of unspoiled Florida; guest visits by legendary characters, sailing ships of the 1500s; and the trains and railway stops of the famous over-seas railroad

Grade Appropriate: K-5   Perfect for Curriculum grades 3-5.  We adapt the dialogue and activities for Grades K-2.

Complementing Residency Program:  K-5 Tales of Legendary Florida, adapted as needed for grade level

Learning: SS.4.A.1 Historical Inquiry and Analysis

SS.4.A.3 Identify European Explorers and their effects on Florida

MU.; MU.C.1.2.3;  MU.E.1.2.2  Rhythm, meter, lyrics, historical context MU.4.H.3 Learn connections between learning music and learning other subjects

VA.4.C.3 Developing Critical Thinking Skills and Vocabulary for connection to other subject areas

Video Selections: The featured video, Tales of Legendary Florida, was filmed in Key West, Florida with the South Florida Symphony Orchestra (SFSO) and captures our work both in the school residency and with the orchestra.  During our two years of working with the SFSO, the orchestra built a stronger patron base and schools reported that there were NO absentee students on the ‘symphony field trip days.’  We are proud to say that in all of our YPCs, we have been SOLD OUT!

Study Guides: We provide Quick Guides as well as comprehensive study guides.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you prefer that your education specialists work with our materials or co-create with us.

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Narration of South Florida Symphony’s Young People’s Concert –  Tales of Legendary Florida

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