American Revolution

The World Turned Upside Down: Music & Stories of the American Revolution Grades 3-12

The World Turned Upside Down: Music and Stories of the American Revolution

The World Turned Upside Down: Music and Stories of the American Revolution

Drum Roll! Students immediately feel the freedom call of fife and drum and march back in time with red coats in their midst. Learning flash! These red coats are musicians in George Washington’s Continental Army. Students experience revolutionary stories and participate as patriots, loyalists, and courageous leaders in this world changing period of American history. Expect students to learn the music, important documents, dates, events, and personalities that continue to shape their country and lives.

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Space Required: Large Classroom, auditorium, media center or multi-purpose room

For optimum learning in the school setting, 40-100 students per session.  Greater than 100 students requires a sound system.  For programs in Performing Arts Centers of more than 300 students, the artist requests a one hour tech rehearsal in the theatre.

Classroom or Stage 55 minutes (time is flexible to suit your schedule)

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American Revolution – 2011 650 Seat Venue: Upper Elementary/Middle School

American Revolution – 2010 Small School and Space: Elementary

Reviews of Award Winning American Revolution Program

Am Rev flag wave resized for web“My students talked about the Revolutionary War program for days.  Some even expressed an interest in learning more about that time in our country’s history.  I am already looking forward to it next year.”
~ Riverside Elementary, Marianna, FL
The World Turned Upside Down makes a difference in children’s lives.  The message is powerful, the presentation is fun.  I look forward to seeing it again next year.”
~ Riverside Elementary, Marianna, FL

“Yesterday just put me where I live ~ proud to be an American!  Thank you for the fabulous performance that you always do.” ~ The Sweetwater Episcopal Academy

The World Turned Upside Down is the best history program I have ever seen.”
~ Parkway Elementary, Greenwich, CT
“I loved The World Turned Upside Down.  The presenters are not only knowledgeable but portrayed passion and excitement for history which was simply contagious.  All of our children were stars in the program, even those who are the quietest in class loved having a moment to shine in front of their peers.  This is such a good program on so many levels.  Thank you for a fantastic program!”
~ Ms. Paige Cavanaugh, 5thgrade teacher

“The 5th grade American history students just witnessed the most remarkable program called The World Turned Upside Down.
~ Lake Asbury

“It would be hard to improve upon The World Turned Upside Down: Music and Stories of the American Revolution.  This is a program that truly integrates the arts and curriculum.  Our students and teachers love this program year after year. We are amazed how the students demonstrate that they integrate the material for future use in our New York State Social Studies testing.  Donna and Joy present the American Revolution with energy, enthusiasm and expertise. We have had the program as an enrichment component for our curriculum for six consecutive years!”
~ George M. Davis Elementary, New Rochelle, NY

IMG_6232 resized for web thumb (2)“This is a history lesson unlike any other.  This engaging and interactive program presents the story of the struggle for freedom and how that struggle continues through the decades.  Students were able to experience a day in the life of a patriot soldier.  This program accomplishes academic instruction with great entertainment!”
~ School Board of Nassau County, FL

“The excitement and student involvement in the Revolutionary War and history in general that was generated by The World Turned Upside Down is immeasurable.  Students cheered, stood at attention, recited facts, and became part of the history that we are studying.  This will be a program long remembered.”
~ Baker School, Baker, FL

“This was the highlight of the year!  As teachers with a combined 70 years experience teaching 8th grade history, we know what a perfect lesson is. Thanks to Donna and Joy, we were able to deliver the perfect history lesson to all of our American History students.  Each student was able to participate and each came away with something of value.  It was fabulous.”
~ Fort King Middle School

“Fabulous!  The World Turned Upside Down presentation by Donna Wissinger and Joy Myers was astoundingly entertaining and informative.  It captivated both student and adult interest for the entire hour and left the audience with historical knowledge peppered with a flavor of music and a study of words and language common for the times.  Costumes and interactive involvement increased interest.  The wit and humor throughout the presentation was amazing and students “caught” it.  All elements of a superb presentation are addressed!”
~ Graceville Elementary, FL

“Thank you for coming to our school. It was a pleasure to meet you. I liked when you dressed up as Johnny Appleseed. Where did you find all of the flutes? How did you get all of the information? I had an amazing time. It is very nice of you to come to our school.” (Read more letters from Myers Elementary)
~Myers Elementary Student

“The World Turned Upside Down is engaging and entertaining.  Donna and Joy used energy, humor, and a fast pace to make the history come alive.  They involved the students in the “performance” by giving them speaking parts and teaching them military drills.  Students learn about the American Revolution in the 5th grade curriculum in both music and social studies classes so this tied nicely to things covered this year in both subjects.  Fourth graders will have a head start because of this presentation!”
~ Altha School, FL

Am Rev Donna and Joy_Paxton Valley Forge Screen resized for web“The students were completely enthralled with the performance.  Ms. Wissinger and Ms. Myers presented The World Turned Upside Down with much enthusiasm and expertise.  The students were hardly aware that they were actually learning facts about American history as well as being wonderfully entertained!”
~ Graceville Elementary, FL

“Since we are studying The American Revolution right now, The World Turned Upside Down: Music and Stories of the American Revolution could not have been better. Our students need more of this–they simply don’t get opportunities for social studies lessons like this. This was great!”
~ S. Bryan Jennings Elementary

“It was such an honor to have this presentation of The World Turned Upside Down.  Our students have a better understanding of history now seeing it unfold before their eyes in this program. It was better than a TV documentary!  It’s a great deal of information in a fun experience. Awesome! Besides history, students learned they can keep going and not give up.  Adding foreign languages was great too.”
~ Mcrae Elementary

“We would never consider studying the American Revolution without The World Turned Upside Down!  This is our 9th year; our younger students look forward to being in the 4th grade so they can have it!”
~ West Roads School, NY

“The students were very focused and participated with enthusiasm in The World Turned Upside Down.  Our 5th grades are studying the American Revolution right now.  The way the artists related to the students is a WOW!  Superb; this is one of the best presentations we have seen!”
~ Fleming Island Elementary

“During your performance I was watching reactions of students and staff. Our students were mesmerized, and teachers were beaming from ear to ear when the students performed or read. The man who read the ‘King’ part would not have been able to read that aloud several months ago. It was a powerful and empowering moment.”  Read complete letter. ~College of Central Florida, Adult Education Program