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Preserving Our Coral Reefs: Teams of Success

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ARTZ OUT LOUD is delighted to create a dynamic arts-integrated program of music, visual art and media, and environmental science. During the pre-concert program, ARTZ OUT LOUD helps students to build upon their current knowledge of the instrument families by learning to use deductive and scientific thought about the seating arrangements and reasons for pre-concert warm-ups used by symphony players.


Students become an orchestra by holding instrument signs and stand in correct orchestra seating.  They ‘warm-up’ and discuss the reasons and science behind temperature and instrument tuning and sound. Students are reminded to clap when the student concertmaster comes onstage and tunes winds, brass and then strings to the oboe ‘a’. Students clap again to welcome the student conductor. In this way, students ‘try on’ being an orchestra member. We hope they ‘step’ into the role of musicians and either begin, or choose, to play.

ARTZ OUT LOUD then introduces the plight of the FL Coral Reef Tract and creates a student team of success using STEAM to solve the issues that are damaging the reef. Students will be costumed as field and lab scientists, technologists, engineers, arts and media directors, and mathematicians.  They will examine a dead reef and state their roles in rebuilding the reef.


Together, the STEAM team of success will rebuild the reef. They will unfurl a live reef prop with staghorn, elkhorn and brain coral no longer bleached.  Students costumed as indicators of reef health will populate the reef.  Students will become parrotfish, butterfly fish, jellyfish, turtles, crabs, and sharks.

Students are always excited to attend the Symphony in the Schools programs. This symphony program takes students into the life of Eugenie Clark, the Shark Lady, as she dives in the Florida reef and remembers how it was years ago. The music, composed by Robert Kerr, and dynamic media helps students feel the sadness of the dying reef and the awe of seeing the incredible diversity and beautiful colors of a living reef. Students also meet Dr. David Vaughan, whose research and discoveries provide hope for coral worldwide.

ARTZ OUD LOUD is dedicated to high quality and curriculum relevant arts-integrated programs and to creating a love for the arts in general and symphonic music in particular.

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