Florida History

Celebrate 500 years of Florida History in 2013

It happens once in a lifetime!

Someone steps upon the land, calls it ‘Pascua Florida’ and history is written

 2 great programs from which to choose

Legendary Florida: 500 years of History through Music and Art

Grades 3-8

Legendary Florida - 500 years of history

1513-2013 Music and art turn the pages of 500 years of history! Florida composer Robert Kerr and renowned Florida historic painter Jackson Walker set the stage for great learning with ARTZ OUT LOUD artists Donna Wissinger and Joy Myers. Students sail into the adventure of crossing oceans and sighting land; land bursting with greenery and flowers of every color, ‘Pascua Florida’! They step into the footprints of a noble people’s pain, the pain of diseases and conquerors and betrayal they cannot combat.  Around and around the building and battles of forts rage in this new place; will the landowners be Spanish, French, or English? Students learn the dates, events, and personalities that have shaped their state,Florida.

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Southern Stories: Visit ‘old’ Florida through Writings, Images, Readings and Music

Ages 15-Adult

Southern StoriesCome into our Florida parlor for a spell.  Lend your ears to the writings of those who perfectly captured the sights and sounds of ‘old’ Florida, your Florida, through actors Tony and Carol and cultured musical ladies, Donna and Joy. Revel in the history that shaped the place in which you live as well as the places made famous by Harriet Beecher Stowe, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, and many more.  Stephen Foster’s best loved songs provide the right mood for this ninety minute journey back into time. Click here for a photo gallery of a past sold out performance.

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