Music, science, and caring for the planet are a perfect fit!


6,000 students in Broward and Monroe Counties learned about the science of the symphony, stepped into STEAM careers, and vowed to be a part of Preserving Our Coral Reefs.  Students gained knowledge in their schools and then felt passion and gained new resolve to save the reefs at the symphony concert premier of Robert Kerr’s The Coral Symphony.


Guided by ARTZ OUT LOUD Ft. Lauderdale second grade students in Turnaround Arts and Sprouting STEM schools became members of a symphony, stepped into the careers of field and lab scientists, technologists, engineers, arts and media specialists, and mathematicians and rebuilt Florida’s fragile coral reef.   Seventh grade students in Monroe County expanded their understanding of their ocean science curriculum through Preserving the Coral Reefs: Teams of Success.   One second grade student exclaimed after her role as a mathematician, “this was the best day of my life” and a seventh grade student wrote “this was the best educational experience I have had.  Please come again! “


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