Esteemed Friends Series

“Deeply engaging, educational, and entertaining…a sophisticated sampling of musical styles in a high-energy and accessible presentation.”

~Mahaffey Theater

Donna Stephen Cliff Heron and Tony Walsh 3

Guitar and Flute Duo (Donna Wissinger with Stephen Robinson)

Flutist Donna Wissinger and guitarist Stephen Robinson provide audiences with a delightful evening of music and engaging commentary revealing the creativity behind world-class musical performance and composition. From the subtle communication that permits virtuosic displays of technique to the beauty of Castelnuovo-Tedesco’s Sonatina and the hot-blooded Argentinean Tangos of Piazzolla, the concert leaves audiences with an unforgettable experience of the enriching power of music and art.  Click here to view and print the program of Hot Latin rhythms and sensual melodies by Donna Wissinger and Stephen Robinson.

Harp and Flute Duo (Donna Wissinger with Mary Brigid Roman)

Donna Wissinger, flutist, and Mary Brigid Roman, harpist delight audiences with a program of engaging and intriguing folk melodies from around the world, pieces of great lyrical beauty, and well-loved masterpieces of the Western classical repertoire. From the light hearted and playful virtuosity of Rossini to the impressionistic washes of sound color of Faure and Debussy, the combination of flute and harp charms. Audiences, led by the insightful commentary and stories portrayed by the music and artists, find themselves immersed in a lovely musical journey. Click here to view and print the sample program of Lyric Beauty by Donna Wissinger and Mary Brigid Roman.