The Story of ’Freedom for All’ through Music and Art
Revolution - Orchestra Residency photo with student

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Students demonstrate their perspective and learnings about the Revolution

Freedom!Teaches American History and values through sight and sound including: the Revolutionary War; the search for Freedom by Ulster-Scot immigrants, and the great American model of ‘writing your best life story,’ Johnny Appleseed

Music includes: Falling Down Doodle by Jeremy Ribando; American classics Fanfare for the Common Man and Variations on Simple Gifts by Aaron Copland; The Ulster-Scots:Voyage of Hope by Robert Kerr; and the Johnny Appleseed Suite by Robert Kerr

Multi-media Images:  Revolutionary War events and timeline; colonial ships, instrument families and fun facts, beautiful images of America

Grade Appropriate: K-5   Perfect for Curriculum grades 3-5  We adapt the dialogue for Grades K-2.

Complementing Residency Program:  Grades 3-5 The World Turned Upside Down: Music and Stories of the American Revolution; K-2 The Pied Piper and other Fantastic Tales

Learning: Standards in American history; musical instruments; SS.A.4.2.3 Events leading to and including American Revolution; SS.A.4.2.4 All aspects of war and resulting documents; MU.A.3.2.3; MU.C.1.2.3; MU,E.1.2.2  Rhythm, meter, lyrics, MU.4.C.1.1 Identify and classify instrument families of orchestral;MU.4.C.3.1 Describe what makes a musical work appealing; MU.4.H.2 Describe how arts document historical events; MU.4.H.3 Learn connections between learning music and learning other subject

Video SelectionsThe featured video, Freedom, prepared by the Bellwood-Antis Middle School Tech Club, demonstrates our total involvement in the school and community.  Filmed as part of a residency day we created with Altoona Symphony conductor Maestra Cheung, the Middle School Tech Club exercised their learning expertise including uploading a jazzy version of what students in grades 3-5 heard at the YPC, the Fanfare for the Common Man.  In this video we have combined portions of the residency program The World Turned Upside Down with some of the costumes and music to be performed at the YPC.  Two videos of the residency program, The World Turned Upside Down as well as the Pied Piper and other Fantastic Tales are found in the video section of the website.  The Pied Piper video features children ages 2-4.

Study Guides: We provide Quick Guides as well as comprehensive study guides.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you prefer that your education specialists work with our materials or co-create with us.

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What teachers and students are saying about the Freedom! program:

You provided the students with a rich opportunity to experience in fun and interactive ways how music and history have come together to shape America, and how music has influenced our understanding of ourselves as Americans. Your keen integration of music with stories of our collective past, and your use of costume and instruments popular in early America – from the triangle to the fife and penny-whistle – provided all of us with a vision of just how important a role music has played in the history of our nation and the shaping of our national images and narrative.
~J. Wright, Myers Elementary School Music Teacher

[You are] the best. I loved how you played the flute and piano. And I loved your outfits they were really cool. I hope you can come again next year!
~ Kaitlyn, Myers Elementary School student

There was a lot of happy clapping in the Tennessee Williams theatre the morning of November 15, 2012….students were rapt with the music—their first live orchestra concert….The oohing and aahing and pointing, clapping, tapping and conducting were a joy to watch.  We got goosebumps knowing that more than a few lives were changed that morning.
~ S. Woods, Board member, Florida Keys Council of the Arts

This was the first time I have been a part of this and I still can’t get the images of the children’s looks of joy out of my mind.  Donna and Joy met them in the hall with fife and snare drum and the kids marched right into the TW!  They made the music come alive.
~ Executive Director, SFSO

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