Heroes Journey

The Heroes’ Journey:
Motivation, Character Development and Habits of Excellence

“In a nutshell, awesome.”

Internationally acclaimed flutist and professional athlete Donna Wissinger leads a hands-on participatory program that:

  • Ignites the personal motivation to excel
  • Explores the character traits that heroes adopt to achieve their goals
  • Teaches the skills that athletes and others at the top of their fields use to develop their habits of excellence.


A 14k gold flute
Peacock feathers
Plexiglas plates and toothpaste
A long pole
A tennis racket and ball
Instruments of Africa and of Native Americans
Student’s hands, imaginations, and dreams
Students take the heroes’ journey……….

“Donna weaves a tapestry of stories, both personal and historical, that simple mesmerizes the students.” Tildenville Elementary School

We each are writing a story………its title………….your life. How do we write it? With what?

  • Using entertaining excercises* that engage the personal imagination of success, and stories illuminating the journey of common heroes’, students begin to recognize the wealth of motivation inside themselves. They learn that stories of motivation are found in the NFL, racecar driving, musicians, and in their community.
  • A quality of heroes? Team work. Just two words are easily said, are they as easily achieved? The art of team work and the rewards are brought to life: What happens when 10 or more people try to lower a bar together?
  • Habits of Excellence: Curiosity, wonderment and listening, the fun ways to be excellent.

Printable Version Of An Outline For Heroes’ Journey

Boys and Girls Club Stories
True inspiration lies within the hearts and stories of theses fantastic people who had the courage to be heroes. Please check out the link above for stories from the the Boy and Girls Clubs from all around.

* A workbook outlining each exercise utilized in the workshop is provided for teachers ©2004 Contact: Angela White 2189 Stadsklev Rd. Marianna, Fl 32448 850-209-5882 topformasw@aol.com