Hundreds of School Children Enjoy Florida History Set to Music


Hundreds of school children enjoyed a musical journey that reinforced what they’ve been learning in history class, as the South Florida Symphony Orchestra performed a multimedia production for them.

“Tales of Legendary Florida: 500 Years of History Through Music and Art” was brought to town by the Florida Keys Council of the Arts, and Donna Wissinger and Joy Myers of Artz Out Loud. It’s the second year that Wissinger and Myers have come to the Keys to bring their musical adventure to area classrooms and Tennessee Williams….

Through beautiful symphonic music composed by Robert Kerr, richly detailed paintings by Jackson Walker, still photography and video, the show traced the history of Florida, from the arrival of Ponce de Leon, through to the building of Henry Flagler’s Florida East Coast Railway to Key West in the early 1900s.

TERRY SCHMIDA Citizen Staff  of the recently covered this story. Click here for the full news article by Schmida (above excerpted from Schmida’s article).

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