Beowulf: A Tale of Courage and Honor
Grades 3-12

Beowulf: A Tale of Courage and Honor

Beowulf: A Tale of Courage and Honor

Hear ye! Hear ye! The minstrels have come to town! Mischief and comic hijinks immediately draw students into the action on stage. From the first moment to the last, students join minstrels, monsters and heroic characters as they fight and claw their way through fear, good, and evil in this Renaissance rendition of the epic tale. Music, drama, laughter and participation make the story, its language and deep meanings far less formidable than the man-munching Grendel, wily mother, and fire-breathing dragons Beowulf slays. Teachers love the state standards and core curriculum benchmarks of world history, literature, music, and dramatic arts.

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Space Required: Large Classroom, auditorium, media center or multi-purpose room

For optimum learning in the school setting, 40-100 students per session.  Greater than 100 students requires a sound system.  For programs in Performing Arts Centers of more than 300 students, the artist requests a one hour tech rehearsal in the theatre.

Classroom or Stage: 55 minutes (time is flexible to suit your schedule)

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Beowulf – 2011 Alternative Site Program (small space and audience size)

Beowulf – 2010 Stage/Auditorium Program (650 seat venue: middle school audience)

Reviews of Award Winning Beowulf ProgramDonna and Joy Beowulf oh no 2“WOW!  Our Middle School students loved Beowulf: A Tale of Courage and Honor! They learned about World History, culture, and language arts without even knowing it.  What I personally liked was the focus on character values.”~ Thomasville, GA Middle School Teacher“Beowulf was very ‘kid’ friendly.  I really liked how different elements of the play were introduced and loved the way the performers engaged the students from the moment they walked into the auditorium.  Excellent performance!”~ Thomasville Cultural Center, GA“Fabulous!  We all enjoyed it immensely.  This was such a wonderful opportunity for these students to experience the arts.  Students particularly loved the interaction of the energetic performers.  They literally brought the tale to life!”~ Thomasville Cultural Center, GA (6 performances/3 days for Middle Schools)“To keep 600 Middle School students engaged you have to be good!  Beowulf: A Tale of Courage and Honor kept our students laughing, participating and fully engaged.  I loved it!”~ Thomasville, GA Middle School 8th grade Teacher

“Our students talked about the ‘cool’ assembly for days.  Beowulf: A Tale of Courage and Honor was high-energy and totally engaging.  There were at least a dozen language arts and history concepts packed into the performance, but what I was most impressed with was that the artists never talked down to the students.  While the performance brought laughter and smiles, they artists took their jobs as teacher/troubadours seriously. The audience was asked to rise up to the high bar set—and without fail, they did.  There was so much laughter, our students were learning without even realizing it!”

~ Paterson Elementary, Orange Park, FL

“Donna and Joy shared their artistic abilities of storytelling and music in Beowulf: A Tale of Courage and Honor. This program surely enriches audience’s lives.   The comments  from our library attendees were that ‘this was great!’;  ‘I loved dressing up and being part of the play!’;  This was a wonderful evening’.  We look forward to a return engagement!”

~ Marion County Library, FL

“I loved it and my students loved it!  This was a very creative production.”

~ Thomasville Arts Center, GA

“This was the highlight of the year!  Our students K-5 were completely mesmerized!”

~ Hunter’s Green Elementary, FL

“Beowulf was absolutely wonderful.  The program introduced our rural audience to art, music, and history, as well as honor, integrity and ancestry.  Donna and Joy radiate energy and enthusiasm that is contagious to everyone.  We at the college are so impressed with the artists’ ability to teach in such a vibrant and interactive manner.  Fabulous!”

~ Central FL Community College

“Thank you so much for your Beowulf performance and the amazing workshop you facilitated for our adult education students. During your performance I was watching reactions of students and staff. Our students were mesmerized and teachers were beaming from ear to ear when the students performed or read. The man who read the “King” part would not have been able to read that aloud several months ago. It was a powerful and empowering moment.” (Read letter).

~College of Central Florida

“As a teacher of literature, it is my task to introduce Beowulf to my 10th grade students..a daunting task considering its archaic language and idealistic themes.  Though Shamus Heaney’s translation has made my job easier, nothing has helped so much as the rendition of the epic poem that Joy Myers and Donna Wissinger did for my students.  Their clever yet accurate interpretations of the story kept my students engaged and excited.  Donna and Joy added humor and grammar instruction, audience participation and music!  I recommend this program for those seeking to achieve complete learning.”

~ St. Johns Country Day School, Upper Level

“As part of our school’s study of the Renaissance and fair we invited Donna Wissinger and Joy Myers to help us out.  They were contracted to perform Beowulf: A Tale of Courage and Honor. We thought their visit would be a great experience for our students but had no idea how much of an impact it would have.  Two weeks after their visit our students are still talking about the experience, singing the songs, playing the recorder and dancing the dances. Donna and Joy accomplished so much in the short time they were with us.  Their energy, knowledge, love of children and music captivated students, parents and teachers.  They know just how to relate to students of all ages and their humor and creativity engaged the children and made learning fun and exciting.

This was the most exciting and worthwhile visiting artist event we have had in our school and one that we will present again and again.  The program was worth every penny and more.   Donna and Joy are true professionals and we highly recommend their program.

Having them with us was an amazing experience and if we can only have one visiting artist program a year it will be definitely be Donna Wissinger and Joy Myers.  Everyone should take advantage of this entertaining and educational experience! We have already booked Donna and Joy for next year, adding two more days to their visit.”

~ Treasure Village Montessori, FL

“In Beowulf, ARTZ OUT LOUD not only presented a piece of classical literature in a fun way, it drove home history and character education lessons. Students had the opportunity to learn important vocabulary and storytelling skills as well.  Bravo!”

~ Middleburg Elementary