Flutist/story-teller Donna Wissinger brings Peter and the Wolf to life with animated narration and fantastic puppet heads!


Inspired by Donna’s enthusiasm and Prokofiev’s musical themes played on her golden flute, K-5 students in the Florida Keys added their own imaginative adjectives and adverbs to the classic musical story during the in-school field trip.  Those same 1,200 K and first graders, 1,200 2 and 3rd graders, and 1,3,00 4 and 5th graders sat mesmerized at the symphony concert as they relived the story with the orchestral musicians and reveled in the role they played in the descriptive narration.   “Peter and the Wolf with Donna Wissinger is sure to captivate audiences of all ages and to be a symphony experience students remember forever.”

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