Myths Legends Fables

Music for Learning and Literacy – Myths, Legends, and Fables

Grades 3-5

flute Image for pied piper productions

It’s music. It’s storytelling. It’s fun. AND it’s full of learning.
It’s Myths, Legends, and Fables.

Teachers can expect the children to be enthralled by masterful flute playing and storytelling.  Of primary importance in the program is attention to detail and nuance, the meaning of stories and the character traits of the heroes in them. The children are encouraged to look beyond the obvious and to express their own experience of the stories.  Exercises in critical and analytical thinking as well as references to history, culture and science are woven into the program.   A question and answer portion of the program allows the children to exercise appropriate curiosity and personal interest in the artist’s life and travels.

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“Donna packs a big punch for one person in Myths, Legends and Fables!  She educates students in an upbeat and animated way!  It’s amazing that she integrates language, reading, math and science.   Simply fabulous!”

~ Paterson Elementary

“Donna incorporated all subjects into her presentation of Myths, Legends and Fables and showed students how they could apply learning to their lives and goals.  Please come back next year!”

~ Ridgeview Elementary

“The students enjoyed the program and did not even realize how much they were learning!   The program included auditory, kinesthetic and visual learning strategies.  Donna is a great presenter!”

~ Lake Asbury Elementary