Donna’s keynote for Starbucks: More than a Cup of Coffee (view above)

Consulting and Keynotes

Ms. Wissinger, as principal artist of Creative Leaps International, is a featured keynote speaker at such conferences as the 2007 Red Cross Resiliency Project in New Orleans; the 2005 IODA Conference in Guanajuato, Mexico; the 2004 Starbucks Leadership Conferences; the 2002 Excellence in Government Conference in Washington, DC; and the International Art and Business Conference Idriart in Slovenia. Donna is among the favorite keynote speakers at regional conferences including the Florida Artists and Presenters Network Conferences 2005 and 2007; the Arts, Culture and Community Conferences 2005 & 2006, The Florida Association of Museums and Tallahassee Museum of Art 2005 and 2006; the ACE/FAAE Summer Leadership Conferences; and the VSA Arts of Florida Leadership Conferences. Donna has developed programs and keynotes for leading businesses such as ArtWorks in partnership with Raymond James Financial, The Tampa Bay Business Committee for the Arts, and the National Arts Marketing Project.

What Presenters Are Saying About Donna’s Keynotes

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“Extraordinary keynote….As a professional speaker for 25 years, I have had the opportunity to hear speakers in many fields around the country.  Donna’s presentation was exceptional.  Her poise and grace and ease with her presentation was a clear demonstration of her authenticity in her work.”

Julia Balzer Riley, President Constant Source Seminars

Donna Wissinger has provided keynotes and consulted for such arts organizations as Arts for a Complete Education; VSA arts of Florida; ICARE of Greater Cleveland; the Maitland Art Center, the W. T. Neal Civic Center; the Orlando Museum of Art; California’s Orange County Center for the Performing Arts, the Allegheny Museum of Art, and many regional arts councils.

Donna’s unique keynotes and seminars on the topics of leadership and innovative thinking through the lens of art have enabled her to enrich such diverse audiences as athletic coaches, YMCA directors, health care practitioners, food service providers, and school administrators. She has partnered with such renowned corporations as Raymond James Associates and the Community Foundation.

As a principal of Creative Leaps International, she has consulted and provided keynotes for the Center for Creative Leadership; CPSI; the Center for Excellence, Idriart International; the 2002 Excellence in Government Conference; the Reinvention Revolution; the professional conferences of ASCD (Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development) and OBTC (Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference); the renowned colleges of RPI; MIT, Georgia Southern and the Wharton School of Business; and such Fortune 500 Companies as GE, Pfizer; and Johnson & Johnson.  Current multi engagement contracts include George Washington University and the Starbuck’s Corporation.

Donna is one of the most professional people that I have encountered in my thirty years in the business community.  She exudes the traits of a creative leader both in her pursuit of excellence in her music and in the numerous undertakings that bridge the extraordinary world of art with the education and business communities.

Deb Talbot, Executive Coach and Retired Vice President
The Chase Manhattan Bank 1982-96

Keynote Addresses 2002-2005

Donna’s 2002-2003 keynotes include ArtWorks in partnership with Raymond James Financial; How to Get from Here to There in partnership with VSA Arts of Florida; and The Writing is On the Wall in partnership with ACE/FAAE of Florida.  Donna developed the program content for ArtWorks, a workshop presented for Tampa Bay business leaders in collaboration with Raymond James Associates, MarketQuest, Firm Solutions and the Tampa Bay Business Committee for the Arts.

As a principal of Creative Leaps, Donna keynoted 5 Starbuck’s Serving One Partner at a Time Conferences across the United States and Canada on the topic of Servant Leadership using  the celebrated and patented Creative Leaps’ Concert of Ideas: The Leader’s Challenge.

Keynote Addresses Include:

The Arts at Work for Creative Business Solutions

The Art Environment:
Drawing upon the Creative Artist in the Workforce

The Habits of Excellence Practiced by Artists and Executives

Servant Leadership:
Artists and Art for Inspired Acts in the Community

Music and Musings:
Leadership Through the Lens of Art for the Florida Association of Museums 2004
Museums of the Future Conference

Donna displays a wide range of literary, philosophical and pedagogical knowledge in a way that entertains, enthralls and enlightens.  She effectively illustrates how the experiences and disciplines of music are valuable tools for the business world with its stresses and demands.

Melinda Chavez, Executive Director
Tampa Bay Business Committee for the Art