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Donna’s Pied Piper Productions celebrate learning through the arts!

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Donna Wissinger is an internationally recognized concert flutist and arts consultant. Her work is based on the premise that learning is an affair of the heart as well as the mind, and that the arts are an essential component of inspired life-long learning. Ms. Wissinger is a principal of Creative Leaps International, a premier Florida and Southern Arts Federation Touring Artist, and engaged as an Artist-in-the Schools nationwide. She is the inaugural recipient of the Doris Leeper Award for Excellence in Arts Education.

Pied Piper Productions Educational Residencies

The Pied Piper and other Fantastic Tales

Peter and the Wolf

Grades 3-5
Voices of Nature and Native Americans
Tall Tales: American Legends and Fables

Grades 6-8
The Heroes Journey: Stories of Character, Power, and Service
Top Form: Habits of Excellence in music and sports
Flute Master Classes

Grades 9-12
Top Form: Habits of Excellence in music and sports
Minstrel Talk: Renaissance thought and practice
Flute Master Classes
Coaching and Performance of Chaminade’s Concertino with High School Band

ARTZ OUT LOUD (partner educational residencies with Joy Myers including Beowulf and The American Revolution)

Professional Development

Donna Wissinger has been a leader in professional development for artists and teachers in Florida as well as nationwide through organizations which include:  Florida County School Boards as well as several School Boards in PA, NY and NJ;  Florida’s Arts for a Complete Education; VSA Arts of Florida, ASCD (Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development);  ICARE and Young Audiences of Cleveland; and the Orange County Center for the Performing Arts. Click below to learn more about Donna’s phenomenal professional development conferences.
Professional Development

Consulting and Keynotes

In addition to her concert and residency activities, Miss Wissinger is a noted keynote speaker. Keynotes include conferences for Starbucks, GE, the US Government, Pfizer, The Center for Excellence and many regional museum and arts conferences. Donna’s international keynotes include the 2002 Excellence in Government Conference in Washington, DC, the International Art and Business Conference Idriart in Slovenia in 2003, the IODA Conference in Guanajuato, Mexico 2005 and the Global Leadership Summit in Montreal 2007. Click below to learn more about Donna’s remarkable consulting and keynote sessions.
Consulting and Keynotes


Donna Wissinger has been published as a poet, teaching artist and arts consultant in the US and UK. Click here to sample a few of her publications.