We were simply left speechless…


Words cannot express my eternal gratitude and complete awe regarding your performance at our Venetian Arts Society ‘Arts Salon’ debut.  I had such high expectations for our first ‘arts salon.’  I wanted to create an intimate, interactive, almost ‘sacred’ atmosphere and to set a precedent for high standards of artistry – to say that you exceeded my expectations is a gross understatement.

I was so excited and moved by the evening that I, as well as all other members and guests, were simply left speechless. Your talents as artists, in every way, were gloriously apparent…you possess the ability to sincerely communicate and to carry those listening above and beyond life’s trivialities. None of us were quite prepared for what you so skillfully created and presented. The voice of the higher powers that speak through art and music spoke to everyone in attendance and we all went away more enlightened and grateful for having been a part of the evening.

Both you and Joy exude the true essence of the artist as the ultimate communicator.

Your newest fan and friend,


William Riddle, Principal
111 Southeast 8th Avenue – Suite One
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

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