“An auditorium full of second and third graders at Logan Elementary School in Altoona sat chattering, as second and third graders do. But as soon as Donna Wissinger, an accomplished concert flutist and Altoona native, played the first few notes on her golden flute, the children quieted quickly and whipped back their heads to see [...]

“It is my privilege to write in support of Donna Wissinger and Joy Myers and their ARTZ Out Loud program, The World Turned Upside Down: Music and Stories of the American Revolution. They performed this program for our grades 1–6, entertaining and educating both students and teachers. Their presentation…is inventive and infused with an energy [...]

The World Turned Upside Down: Music and Stories of the American Revolution showcases patriots, loyalists, and courageous leaders in action in this telling photo gallery. ARTZ OUT LOUD has educated and entertained thousands of students across the country! From Washington’s virtues to the shot ‘heard round the world’ and Henry Knox’s fabulous feat, this photo [...]

“Our school was blown away. We…were thrilled with the educational benefit, engagement of students, and creativity of the performance[s].” Mandy Stepanovsky, Friends’ School, Boulder Colorado.

ARTZ OUT LOUD’s award winning musicians, actors, and teaching artists Donna Wissinger and Joy Myers will be presenting exceptional educational experiences for Boulder and Denver schools and communities this month. Several local schools and the Boulder Public Library will host the programs, including two free events at the Canyon Theater, open to the public. ARTZ [...]

“Artz Out Loud along with the Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation used performance story telling to teach students at Lewis Middle School about the Revolutionary War.” The World Turned Upside Down: Music and Stories of the American Revolution was captured by Katie Tammen of the NWF Daily News and featured online at nwfdailynews.com by Katie Tammen [...]

Right Face! Yankee Doodle comes to town in ARTZ OUT LOUD’S new World Turned Upside Down video to teach students about the American Revolutionary War and the fight for freedom. Students experience revolutionary stories and participate as patriots, loyalists, and courageous leaders in this world changing period of American history. The goal of the program [...]

Joy Myers instructs Lakeside Elementary School students in the art of Revolutionary War military maneuvers, communicated through specific drum beats. By BETH REESE CRAVEY/Staff: *ARTZ OUT LOUD in the JACKSONVILLE TIMES UNION at jacksonville.com* The second they came in the door, the new recruits were being indoctrinated. “It’s 1775!” bellowed the Revolutionary War military drummer [...]