ARTZ OUT LOUD Performing Award Winning Educational Programs for Boulder and Denver Communities in November


Am Rev flag wave resized for webARTZ OUT LOUD’s award winning musicians, actors, and teaching artists Donna Wissinger and Joy Myers will be presenting exceptional educational experiences for Boulder and Denver schools and communities this month. Several local schools and the Boulder Public Library will host the programs, including two free events at the Canyon Theater, open to the public.

ARTZ OUT LOUD is visiting Boulder and Denver in November! ARTZ OUT LOUD programs land learning with humor and fascinate curiosity with intriguing instruments, costumes, fun facts, and props.

The Boulder Public Library is offering two free programs on Sunday, November 14 at the Canyon Theater.  At 3 pm, musician/storyteller Donna Wissinger will open her magical bag of instruments and stories to mesmerize young readers and learners with “The Pied Piper and other Fantastic Tales.”  At 4 pm, students and their families will be treated to a Revolution—the American Revolution! Click here for event details.

Prior to the Sunday programs at the Library, the artists of ARTZ OUT LOUD will be presenting at several local schools as well as the NCSS-National Council of Social Studies Conference on Friday, November 12.

For the young learners, Wissinger weaves a piper’s spell with her golden flute in “The Pied Piper and other Fantastic Tales” with stories of galloping horses, legendary heroes of bow and arrow, and myths from far away lands and secret wardrobes. Children will learn about different styles of flutes, the types of sounds they create, and how music enhances the joys of storytelling.

In “The World Turned Upside Down: Music and Stories of the American Revolution,” the audience will immediately feel the freedom call of fife and drum and march back in time with red coats in its midst. Students will experience revolutionary stories and participate as patriots, loyalists, and courageous leaders in this world changing period of history. Learning lessons include music, important documents, dates, events, and history-shaping personalities.

Evan Gould, Paterson Elementary educator, says, “As a teacher, I dream of being able to bring literature and history alive for my students by dressing in costumes and infusing music, art, and drama into the lesson. Donna Wissinger and Joy Myers do just that, and the result is predictable. My students are still talking about the American Revolution and how it was brought to life before their eyes.”

On November 14, the Revolution audience will be in for a special treat as the great experiment of the Revolution continues with scenes from an “American Tapestry.” The diversity and grandeur of America is alive through the artists’ eye. The audience will see and experience the interwoven stories of this great nation through paintings by Homer, Rockwell, and Henri, accompanied by toe tapping Western hoedowns, work songs, Copland, Joplin, and America’s marching king, Sousa.

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