A true gift to any audience


Ms. Wissinger’s performances are both unique and captivating. She blends storytelling and music in a most beautiful way. She engages her audience right from the beginning with her friendly and warm presence. My favorite part of her performance was the inclusion of the children on stage. She is the only performer I have ever seen who is able to include every child (and adult!) who would like to play a role in the story. She brings the audience together in a way that I have not seen previously on our stage. It truly cultivated a feeling of community and togetherness that only a gifted storyteller can create.
Ms. Wissinger is a true gift to any audience she steps in front of. At the Playhouse we were very grateful that she chose to share her talents with us. I can highly recommend her for anyone looking for a fantastic storytelling experience. It is with full confidence that I can say she will deliver that, and more.
Warmest regards,
Terah Herman
Education Associate
Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

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