The State Touring Roster panelists have made their selections for the 2012-2014 season and renowned flutist, Donna Wissinger, is once again on the roster as a premier Florida State Touring Program artist! That means Donna is eligible for 2/3 funding assistance for presenters in Florida, especially in underpopulated counties where priority is given by the [...]

Beowulf is the oldest known writing in the English language. ARTZ OUT LOUD tells it in Renaissance play format: full of fun and participation! Our educational K-12 theatrical musical programs provide lessons in History, Math, Science, and World Literature and make learning a passionate part of each student’s story. This video clip demonstrates our 2011 [...]

ARTZ OUT LOUD highly recommended by St. Johns’ Country Day School… We have hosted several national touring theatrical groups throughout the years, but I think this is the BEST we have ever had… I highly recommend you to anyone seeking an entertaining and inspiring educational presentation. ~ Brenda Scott, Performing Arts Coordinator and Music Teacher, [...]