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ARTZ OUT LOUD where music, art, and life meet

ARTZ OUT LOUD where music, art, and life meet

“Since we are studying The American Revolution right now, The World Turned Upside Down: Music and Stories of the American Revolution could not have been better. Our students need more of this–they simply don’t get opportunities for social studies lessons like this. This was great!”
~ S. Bryan Jennings Elementary

“Donna held the attention of three grade levels for an extended period of time in The Pied Piper and other Fantastic Tales–the students were ‘eating out of her hand’ and completely fascinated. She made them think and integrated writing, science, social studies and music. A great show! Acting the story with props was so good for the students’ imaginations. Please do this again! Our students rarely receive anything this enriching.”
~ Ridgeview Elementary

“Donna packs a big punch for one person in Myths, Legends and Fables! She educates students in an upbeat and animated way! It’s amazing that she integrates language, reading, math and science. Simply fabulous!”
~ Paterson Elementary

“In Beowulf, ARTZ OUT LOUD not only presented a piece of classical literature in a fun way, it drove home history and character education lessons. Students had the opportunity to learn important vocabulary and storytelling skills as well. Bravo!”
~ Middleburg Elementary

“Donna incorporated all subjects into her presentation of Myths, Legends and Fables and showed students how they could apply learning to their lives and goals. Please come back next year!”
~ Ridgeview Elementary

“The students were very focused and participated with enthusiasm in The World Turned Upside Down. Our 5th grades are studying the American Revolution right now. The way the artists related to the students is a WOW! Superb; this is one of the best presentations we have seen!”
~ Fleming Island Elementary

“The students enjoyed the program and did not even realize how much they were learning! The program included auditory, kinesthetic and visual learning strategies. Donna is a great presenter!”
~ Lake Asbury Elementary

“It was such an honor to have this presentation of The World Turned Upside Down. Our students have a better understanding of history now seeing it unfold before their eyes in this program. It was better than a TV documentary! It’s a great deal of information in a fun experience. Awesome! Besides history, students learned they can keep going and not give up. Adding foreign languages was great too.”
~ Mcrae Elementary

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