American Tapestry – “It was a whole sensory experience that captivated everyone.”


American Tapestry FlierDear Donna and Joy,

Thank you so much for coming to Lake Seminole Square.  We were thrilled with your program on Saturday!  It wasn’t just an excellent concert, which we expected; it was a whole sensory experience that captivated everyone.  When it was finished it felt like the end of a movie because we were all caught up in the journey to explore the American Tapestry that you presented.

Donna, I loved that you walked around while you played.  That really created a mood for the program.  And Joy, your vocals and rhythm additions were terrific!  I loved that you shared the program back and forth between you with such energy. And I really liked your arrangements, particularly the Copland and “Amazing Grace.”

You both are fabulous musicians, but you didn’t just depend on that for a good program.  There was a lot of work and preparation that went into making An American Tapestry exciting, extraordinary, and a total pleasure for the audience.  Thank you so very much, and please come back with whatever other program you may have ready.  You’re always welcome at Lake Seminole Square!

Shirley Wyckoff Bench
Lake Seminole Square/51121
Lifestyles Program Manager
8333 Seminole Blvd.
Seminole, FL 33772

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